"So... what brings you to St. John's", is the question most of us hear from those visiting the islands. An airplane is my typical sarcastic reply but really I suppose my story is like most people here. Its starts with a dream of one day living on a warm sunny island and when that day comes when the daily grind of stateside life becomes too much, you know it's time.

I had been working in Atlanta for a small manufacturing company for over 13 years. This provided me with experience in many areas including Mechanical Design, Engineering, Web Design and Graphic Design. My responsibilities included all marketing materials, engineering assistant, drafting, assembly, technical writer and occasional software developer.

I have been seeking out new challenges. After considering returning to school to earn an Industrial Design degree and a brief visit to St. John for my brother's wedding I knew that the Virgin Islands was the place for me. The new challenge.


Links to cool stuff I like to support whether it be local or global we are all on this big rock together. I'll be adding more links later but I got a few listed to get ya started!