Based on St John, USVI, our business serves clients both in the Virgin Islands and stateside. Our service is always friendly and knowledgeable. We are always upfront with costs and recommendations on what will suite your needs best. We look forward to serving all design needs.


We specialize in graphic images for use on web pages, print media, and multimedia presentations. Let us help you on your next project from designing: logos, villa inserts, business cards, sales brochures, operations manuals, marketing collateral and promotional products. I work primarily with Adobe Creative Suite using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Consultation is free, contact us today for more information.

Adobe Illustrator

Logo Design using Adobe Creative Suite

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We are here to meet the needs of big and small business through out the Virgin Islands and world. What makes our web design services unique is our ability to create solid web pages that download quickly, have simple, easy to use navigation, and a clean modern look to them. Often website design can seem like a daunting task, we overcome this by breaking the process down into small steps, consulting with you along the way in order to design a website that best suites your business needs. We can handle the process from beginning to end, covering all design and development needs, to save you both time and money. We are comfortable working with everything from one page event websites, complex e-commerce solutions, to fully custom animated Flash based websites. During our discovery phase, we will access your needs and factor what web tools will best suit your purpose whether it's a fully custom website or implementing a Content Management System with a custom template.

We realize that the most important step when it comes to web design is planning and that is why consultation is always free, please contact us for more information.

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With several years experience as a mechanical designer and engineering assistant, I have worked a variety of projects. We are very flexible in our work flow either starting with just ideas or even working backwards with a completed product. We can produce extremely detailed drawings for parts and assemblies. Our services do not stop there, we can oversee the whole process from design inspiration to prototype and production. Primarily working with Solidworks 3D modeling software, we are able to use other technologies to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today for more information.

Solidworks Part File

Solidworks 3d Part Modeling

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More information on 3d Modeling and Animation using Maya coming soon. If you have any Web / Flash based animation needs please contact us.

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We prefer take more of a holistic approach to getting positive search engine results. Instead of just recommending a Pay-Per-Click or a Google Adwords campaign, there are several other factors involved in SEO. Changing keywords or meta tags can help but, often times there are some design elements and other website tweaks that can vastly improve search engine results. PPC or Pay per click campaigns like Google's Adwords do have their place to in the advertising markets where competition is very strong or with Flash driven sites, in which search engines cannot find the site. We offer this service, as well. Please contact us for more information on SEO / SEM and allow us to advise you on the best approach for your business.

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